About Us

Levanta Business Group is constituted as a commercial company after a history and expertise of over 25 years on the market to conclude the circle of activities needed of foreign investors starting their new businesses in Bulgaria as well as newly opened SMEs.

Our main purpose, role and mission is to develop such structure and service variety that can help the new investors and support throughout their first years of activity in Bulgaria.

Our focus is to supply with the necessary investigation and feasibility study, to offer best solutions for the corporate and individual investors in the real estate, design phase, construction and finishing stage of property-related projects, to help in settling the proper organization by helping in the opening a company phase, finding the right partnering and specialized servicing, settling administrative and office related services, the SME corporate identity and appearance, researching and analyzing commercial export-import information related to each demand, etc.

We are supported in our expertise by a number of reputable well standing partnering companies on the Bulgarian and foreign markets and through our well established relations can offer flexible and trustable solutions for the starting investors or new project investing activities of existing companies.

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Our company has been launched to support and add value to the services we have offered to the market since 1993. 

Our main mission is to help our clients in their need to open a business, operate it in the best possible way, form proper channels for company operations and find the best solution for its’ investments need. We are the base support that you need to be happy with your core business.

We will give you the relaxation that you are served well and all your anxiety is left behind. Your major care will be the business idea you have and the products you want to create.

Dear customer,

We had the opportunity to launch businesses many times, we had challenging obstacles, many difficult moments to survive. Hence we understood that in order to create a profitable and perspective business of any kind, in order to be entrepreneur you have to be supported by many people, by teams with the same goal and understanding, with a one-direction look and with the devotion to the idea. 

Our long story lead us to the idea that there should be someone, a team, a legal entity to help the newly-built companies, the new investors in our country, native or foreign to find the right track in due terms so not to lose the inertia of the business idea insight.

We decided to give our efforts to consult such persons and companies to survive the turbulence of the supporting operations and to focus on their core idea.

We hope to be your trustful advisor and supporter in the long run of your business and investments!


We are convinced that trust is formed by actions and we are itching to be your trustful consultant and business supporter!


What People Say

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