Levanta Business Group

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About us

Levanta Business Group is constituted as a commercial company after over 25 years of expertise on the market in order to conclude the circle of activities needed of foreign investors starting their new businesses in Bulgaria as well as newly opened SMEs.

Our main purpose, role and mission is to develop such structure and service variety that can help the new investors and support throughout their first years of activity in Bulgaria.

Our focus is to supply with the necessary investigation and feasibility study, to offer best solutions for the corporate and individual investors in the real estate, design phase, construction and finishing stage of property-related projects, to help in settling the proper organization by helping in the opening a company phase, finding the right partnering and specialized servicing, settling administrative and office related services, the SME corporate identity and appearance, researching and analyzing commercial export-import information related to each demand, etc. 


Our Servcies

We offer complex solutions to variety of business needs.

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